A bit of reflection on the current state of media in the U.S. is bound to unearth many contradictions. Especially if the analysis can be undertaken without falling victim to one ‘-ism’ or another, specifically the notions of altruism and cognitive dissonance about history. The rise of the term “fake news,” is actually quite astonishing coming from corporate news outlets and their billionaire backers. For the record, the above assertion is old news, and the capture of the public means of communication by financially empowered tycoons cum oligarchs is well known. One can truly be moved to the edge of their seat in laughter at the idea that the West has been completed snowed and beaten to the punch, namely if one has studied the history of the role of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Beginning in earnest during WWII the US Intelligence apparatus (USINT) has weathered the growing pains of losing many a battle to Soviet operatives during the Cold War. Choosing the power of management and technology over re-inventing the wheel of espionage, one of the oldest games on earth, the US has become a technological eye of Horus. Hovering both in the heavens and peering down and through the firmament electronically and sonically, looking to gain an edge on their adversaries. More powerful than anything has been the creation and promotion of narratives. This power is not controlled by one side. Narrative construction and management is a primary aim of any Intelligence agency working today.

We all know the tactic but don’t buck it. So isn’t that acceptance? Patriot act? Regime change. Fake news. All sorcery.

The “secret program to fund rebels” is their latest sigil. Even repeating that is a sign of brainwashing. They created mercenaries. The end

If your worldview comes from info and your own thoughts but you think in a method created to confuse and control you , well …

They get you debating the meaning of words like terrorism based on post modernist identity politics. Ask yourself, do They do that?

They don’t seem to run on the same inputs as the public for whom most inputs are provided even if they don’t know it.

Most countries still use names cast upon them by conquerers. Even knowing their past they didn’t reclaim it. Any good reasons for that?

You think you could invade & change the name of Spain or England ever, and if given the chance they wouldn’t change it back…?

Not out of any idea of purity or separation but interpretation. They translate their and your symbols back to you when you concede.
And that type of closed data loop will never have the interest of the data “consumer” at the fore… to believe so is repugnant.

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