“Shadow Boxing Capoeira on the deck of a Ship named Jesus”

Poesy ponders on ashen feet, through morphemes it streak, under helms, eye-sights a conical shell –

Through inner vision see outside of prisms and prisons to envision realities in other worlds, living –

Snakes slink S-style, we move “L” grounds with Square Crowns, Palm and Fist, same elements as a star nucleus –

Loose lips don’t sink ships, bombs do –
a psychological bomb in my body was removed by a noose –
floating up oddly, it was a sign to the tribe –
A prototype of nesta marley, dreads protect all of my sides –
Shadow boxing capoeira on the deck of a ship named “Jesus” –
Some immediately catapulted over the side suicide to survive –
Escaped from a nadir with clear vision like a zenith –
Jumping ship, skipping over the moorings –
Watch a Moor jump a ship instead of steadying it –
Overseers mourning over what they’ve seen in the morning –
The shaman was always important deciphering the tea leaves under balsa trees,
He calculated the angles one has to grow, in order to leave,
the canopy of hegemony, and morals unseemingly –
swimming straight down into the atlantic scenery –
freedom is a free dome –
No d’evil was ever able to be fear in the ear of He –

W(e) only listen to trees …



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