(re)IMAGINED #735: Mystery_a



Lot had the lot locked tight,

We siphoned in,

On new Moonlight –

Through Aether,

Even if you did see us,

Would you believe Us?

Revolving features

Face down, may you meet Us,

Just had 2 flame a city,

Showed no Pity –

I’m the scribing one, Gab flaps at the back,

Sad Mike torched the set,

No remorse, no regret –

Heaven sent,


Squeezed off some hailing comets

The stuff of holy prophets,

Sun, I’m talkin’ Brimstone rockets!




Then OUT!

With a Swoosh,

Over future day Beirut –

Broke day as we Moved,

Danced with the Night, inner Grove,

Bounced off her light,

As she Swooned –

Then a


Dawn stunned the Mob,

Yet we saw no Rest in him,

Heathens leapt up,

And met God in him,

Placing them, in Heaven’s bounds,

Thorny crowns,

Adorn the mounds of minions sent silly,

No body departs the Earth,

Living –


Title Wise:


Protect bounds above and

below ,


You all just portray Men,

We pre/date them,

Our position,

Is our Mission,

Another Knight in the Life,

Of Bending diction…

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