DIGGING IN THE CRATES #1: “The New Atlantis” by Sir Francis Bacon

“Digging in the Crates” is a series of posts related to reading done either for research or personal edification taken from texts of the past. Many of these will be refashioned posts created from threads I have posted on Twitter. I’m not sure how others do threads but I tend to make them more ad-hoc than finely tuned, on purpose, which coincides with how I view Twitter as a more immediate and improvisational medium. Not all agree with my view of Twitter but that’s how I see it and use it. In this series I will transpose some of those Twitter threads but also reserve the right to embellish and update the topic matter on this site. The subject matter usually concerns themes which connect the past and the present through various ‘evidences’ of connections I ferret out from my research.


In the course of reading some literature on the occult history of American’s early denizens and founding fathers the name of Sir Francis Bacon is sure to come up again and again. In one text the idea of the knowledge of America pre-“discovery” references Bacon’s work, “The New Atlantis,” as a text worthy of note due to it’s possible coded meanings and description of technologies seemingly far ahead of the author’s time. I procured a copy of the document, read it, and the following is a series of observations I made on the text concerning the ideas of: futurism in Bacon’s works, development of language, literary themes, and occult underpinnings to the “philosophy of America,” in the minds of the architects of the “New World.”

(1) Starting a thread for my reading of “The New Atlantis” by Francis Bacon. Bacon greatly advanced both the vocabulary of the English language and various themes in scientific and occult thought in his adherents across the continent of Europe. Released in 1627, “The New Atlantis,” much like the books of Arthur C. Clarke, has a very self fulfilling sci-fi quality about it.


(2) As he’d have wanted, I’m already learning a few new old words.

(3) One of the fascinating things is how this book reads like an alien encounter of sorts. Tales of technology and hints at modern medicine.

(4) Furthering the close encounter motif the ‘guardians’ refer to a House of Strangers Bacons’ crew is in, and outlines boundaries for them to follow.

(5) Bacon was so prolific there are a class of scholars known as “Baconian.” Within their literature and many discussions in alternative history circles there are many references to idea of the New Atlantis being America.

(6) The imagery used is biblical, futuristic (1627) and ethereal.

(7) There was a messianic fervor related to that time of exploration and expansion. Some thought the Natives were the 13th tribe of Judea. Columbus in his diary at one point claimed to have found the nexus of the four rivers which flowed from the Garden of Eden.

(8) In the text we find the crew adrift east of Peru, Bacon turns up the symbolism with the island named “Bensalem,” as the setting for his utopia: Wisdom, ethics, god.

(9) Reference point on the Biblical relevance of the usage of the term, “salem.”

(10) Bacon’s crew learns of the island’s history, a Noah allegory ensues, and we see a combination of Biblical exegesis mixed with symbolism.

(11) Here the imagery is undeniable and proclaims a direct link to the history told in the Abrahamic faiths. It puts Hebrews, Persians and Indians on this new land found off the coast of Peru.

(12) More of the Close Encounters feeling here. A benevolent group of wise beings, possibly divine, worthy of admiration, sight barely seen, are deemed to be helpful and righteous. Very reminiscent of the benevolent alien theory espoused by many New Agers and UFO buffs during our millennia.

(13) Here the Bensalemites are flat out referred to as magicians and we get a sprinkle of the secret oaths and pledges Bacon was fond of. Bacon is also given credit for advancing not only the sciences but adding great depth to occultism as well. He was a Rosicrucian and some believe he had a hand in altering masonic tenets via his influence in certain circles.

(14) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Here we have a direct reference to America, the New/Old Atlantis.

(15) The history of Atlantis is described. New and Old World been in contact & war for eons. Natives represent detached relations to Europe?

(16) I present to you: Sir Francis Bacon, ancient alien angel Solomonic Temple theorist.

(17) Moving into the political portion of the work. The island is wary of strangers unworthy of their teachings. China’s castigated.

(18) Published in 1627 Bacon’s allegory is factual. China was a major sea faring power. Going at least as far as Africa in huge ships.

(19) Some had huge plots of soil, animals and produce. Emp Zheng i think. Latter rulers closed the country and scuttled the ships.

(20) Had they wanted China could have “discovered” America or rolled up on Europe’s south western coasts. I pondered this very idea in a paper I wrote on why I feel China didn’t embark on Imperialistic missions in the past. Maybe one day I’ll post that to the site.

(21) A quick piece,  “Ancient Chinese Explorers” from  (Back to the Bacon)

(22) Bacon’s idea of inner circles of honor bound members who protect history, wisdom, etc, breach the surface. Heavy Biblical imagery.

(23) Now we discover its a Light bringing secret society whom ‘color themselves under the names of other nations’ during their “research.”

(24) Light as God’s first creature is a cool line. It’s probably scientifically true. Symbolically speaking tho…

(25) In a fascinating turn the crew encounters Jewish inhabitants on the magical island of Bensalem. No love appears lost by Bacon.

(26) Moralizing on utopian versions of chastity as a method by man to become greater. European virtues are cast as not pious enough.


(28) Close Encounters of the 17th century mind:

(29) He’s definitely speaking from a futuristic perspective for his time. And we do have much of these ideas now:

(30) Here is where the story takes off. The protagonist is given some game by the Father of the Solomon House as to their culture.

(31) Descriptions of observatories or wind tunnels. A reference to instructing hermits what to observe. Desalination and wind turbines..1627

(32) A Chamber of Health that qualified the air as proper and good for the cure of diseases…

(33) Bacon is Bacon for a reason: GMO, seedless plants, “species conversion?”, animal testing for later human applications, Bioweapons…


(34) The following passages are filled with references to recuperative and rejuvenating agents, life extension, matter conversions, etc.

(35) With the knowledge in tow that some consider Francis Bacon the actual author of Shakespeare it’s worth noting the language is lush.

(36) Planetariums, theaters, “deceits of the sight,” telescopic ability into space, and powerful microscopes. Presented altruistically..

(37) and even eco-friendly based upon form and function. If you were to dissect this line for line (which many have) you can argue that

(38) Bacon lays out THE “Thought Model Map” for the modern scientific world in this one essay. The inspiration for most things are in here. The Royal Society of Britain was his scion and he advocated a “college” of elite minds, girded by their view of impeccable ethics, tasked with leading society in the right directions. Ideas like these will always get the minds of seekers churning.

(39) Crystalline metallic glass, or ceramic metals (?) Radio and acoustic frequency mastery. Devices which imitate or replicate sounds.

(40) All these ‘things’ or ideas would have been futuristic at the time. But they were a future Reality for someone with the mind of Bacon.

(41)This is the portion where musing over allegorical parallels between the tech of the Solomon House and America would come in.

(42)I got started on this reading something about America: the New Atlantis and connecting it to Bacon. So I hit the primary text.

(43) Bacon was such a heavy hitter that any “literary” or scientific connection to him is worth digging into, if that’s your thing.

(44) Bacon is also referred to as a Godfather or Yoda of Freemasonry and was a known Rosicrucian during his lifetime. Tudor lineage. Here is a link to an article on the subject.

(45) Baconian cypher systems have consumed the lives of many people in the centuries since he made them. He’s also connected to John Dee..

JOHN DEE and his coded signature used during his communications with Queen Elizabeth.

(46) I have to confirm those ties but John Dee was a wild dude himself. He’s was the 1st “007”, a magician, spy, diplomat author etc.

(47) The point being that the possibility of America being a known quantity to people in some capacity before Columbus surfaces here.

(48) While a lot is made of Puritans there were a wide variety of “religious” beliefs in early America. Many would be considered occult.

(49) I’m about half way through this book and Manly P. Hall’s influence was undeniable and he was a Baconite.

(50) A reference by Bacon himself to encoding, ‘occulting’ and hiding information from the eyes of the vulgar. Is New Atlantis code for US?




“Shadow Boxing Capoeira on the deck of a Ship named Jesus”

Poesy ponders on ashen feet, through morphemes it streak, under helms, eye-sights a conical shell –

Through inner vision see outside of prisms and prisons to envision realities in other worlds, living –

Snakes slink S-style, we move “L” grounds with Square Crowns, Palm and Fist, same elements as a star nucleus –

Loose lips don’t sink ships, bombs do –
a psychological bomb in my body was removed by a noose –
floating up oddly, it was a sign to the tribe –
A prototype of nesta marley, dreads protect all of my sides –
Shadow boxing capoeira on the deck of a ship named “Jesus” –
Some immediately catapulted over the side suicide to survive –
Escaped from a nadir with clear vision like a zenith –
Jumping ship, skipping over the moorings –
Watch a Moor jump a ship instead of steadying it –
Overseers mourning over what they’ve seen in the morning –
The shaman was always important deciphering the tea leaves under balsa trees,
He calculated the angles one has to grow, in order to leave,
the canopy of hegemony, and morals unseemingly –
swimming straight down into the atlantic scenery –
freedom is a free dome –
No d’evil was ever able to be fear in the ear of He –

W(e) only listen to trees …



“Waterskiing barefoot, all through Finnegans Wake”

a body built of letters; and inner core that is an abode of alliteration
Fate, is merely a scene I create with my Papermate  –

E-motions cascade across the medulla’s space, bathing the 3rd Eye in an Ocean …
So I depart, on time, never late, Waterskiing barefoot, all through Finnegans Wake –

make james joyce turn over in his literary haze,

as former slaves rejoice –
creation of a tanned Ulysses with fresh J’s on his Achilles, he rises from a watery grave –
A Science of Life initiate
A branch Dravidian with this Indus Valley spit
Undecipherable lyrics
Yoda smoking a spliff with Jesse Jackson
Trying to come up with a trick
To understand how from a glyph found in a cliff I re-iterated the entire canon contained in the  Indus Valley Script and I wasn’t even born yet!?!

A Comet sliding through the comments, eviscerate hate into sections –
Here to signify the Victory of Sozen the Fire God –
Fire god I spit hard
The Last Word Bender
Who bends Air into Words that I use to smash any contenders
Here 2 n-light-n
With the element of Education through Elucidation –
I taught myself Kanji,
Tu no comprende? no one on the Island could guard He
My wordplay is brighter than a Sunday
Sin una sensei
Mis palabras son other authors
Like they were sin Papas –

Envision a Canvas, brotha
I speak pictures similar to Francis Coppola –
But mine are more Gods more Fathers
More Suns, never us Thugs
Uplift my Brothers, because the Others don’t Bother, with Us
Dark Blocks
Fiends for the light, out at night,

Cuz Hope’s Candlelight was Blown Out –
Stressed Out, arms stretched out and I increase my Klout
Insight for the hidden reasonings behind Life
They can’t hate me out of my copyrights . . .


(re)IMAGINED #735: Mystery_a



Lot had the lot locked tight,

We siphoned in,

On new Moonlight –

Through Aether,

Even if you did see us,

Would you believe Us?

Revolving features

Face down, may you meet Us,

Just had 2 flame a city,

Showed no Pity –

I’m the scribing one, Gab flaps at the back,

Sad Mike torched the set,

No remorse, no regret –

Heaven sent,


Squeezed off some hailing comets

The stuff of holy prophets,

Sun, I’m talkin’ Brimstone rockets!




Then OUT!

With a Swoosh,

Over future day Beirut –

Broke day as we Moved,

Danced with the Night, inner Grove,

Bounced off her light,

As she Swooned –

Then a


Dawn stunned the Mob,

Yet we saw no Rest in him,

Heathens leapt up,

And met God in him,

Placing them, in Heaven’s bounds,

Thorny crowns,

Adorn the mounds of minions sent silly,

No body departs the Earth,

Living –


Title Wise:


Protect bounds above and

below ,


You all just portray Men,

We pre/date them,

Our position,

Is our Mission,

Another Knight in the Life,

Of Bending diction…

(re)IMAGINED #735: Mystery

(re)IMAGINED series


I primarily see myself as an Orator and having spent time in the pre-Blackberry trenches of freestyle battle rapping my main forte is performance poetry. The (re)Imagined series is mainly a personal writing exercise as my performance pieces take varied forms. First things first as Jay-Z says, “I’m not a rapper dawg!,” and I give full respect to those who do this professional. What I do is lay bars on top of the cadence of the rapper’s voice (not necessarily the beat) and intertwine references to the original song with whatever theme I’m on. As to be expected I’ll take advantage of this medium and intertwine images. Thanks for any time spent partaking in these offerings.


(re)IMAGINED #735: Mystery

Inner Diction sans a compass can encompass a morass for the Ignorant to listen. Universally ignite heat then lightly surf soundscapes for the friction. Some may have read of us thumbing pages under windows hazy. Minstrel versions parading, others sharing painted faces. Flip. Must. Gregarious, gerund walking, Jet-li’s. Creating Higher flames like Dante rollin’ j’s in Hades hating on Virgil’s lack of backbone in the clutch. King James’ shaky hands, rewrite scrolls in Igbo transliteration assisted by un Taino. Then. Go.

Suns start raining: Some’ll say the rays Are too radiant. Change gestating, neo-natal nation making. Darts: Flaming.

On hand.

Destiny cuts her side glance, right away, at Fat’s Chance. Dudley Deux To(o) His Center-Write, Incomparable. Puns rest in Solar Plex, comments coffin codes.‘Montezuma’ in bars, Sirius like 2 far away stars. Proceeded to offering transplanted Island prose, on Ivory Tower’s Marbled floors –

Excellence is my Preference,

Neter tense,

Never dumb as sh!t,

Standard bearing solar Lunatic scholarship Long Since Any f*cking

Oar or Slave Ship or Morpheus masked wearing agent in the Matrix…

At midKnight,

My genies black out lights –

I channel suns: Ben-

Jochannan, Carter Woodson, Robeson –

Fractions In actions, Can Pack a thrust. Cowards quick to duck if a matter Must. In this World, one Must To their Shadow Clutch. Now, 2 Moons float, One globe, U-n-I can both Grow. But now it seems the cracks show I w®ap poems in hidden scripts, dey spider bots can’t decipher it –

Oops, can’t get cocky holmes, NSA been tappin’ phones. Dey in the Danger Zone whose Archer(s) Guard the Thrones?

Wave ya hands, and Say it like Wii.

We vs. EUphrates!

Camera angles cascading, Masquerading. WE Graphic,

Tryin’ to flip scripts, like George Luke did,

Turning a Sith Lord, into a whiny simp.

See me, frequently, Resident overlord of meandering Metaphor,

Truly Yours,




<Verbal Currency: Worthless>


Extra! Extra! Scroll all about it!! It’s a Word’s World, for whatever it is worth, read it quick, this chatroom is getting crowded. Remove your Shroud, use your eyelids to kick the dirt from <affront> your oculus and ponder this, the Revolution does get televised if the script is booming, and the Apocalypse gets top billing on PrimeTime because sympathy pleas and other people dying always moves units. So reglue to this, the new news is anachronistic by its very instance existing in a cyber space made of words working with reality to concoct a fiction. Listen:

Civil Protests, Allowed.

Civil Unrest: all causes, shunned then Dis-A-vowed –

Armed Pogroms for reasons perpetuated by hooded legions? Allowed.

Some walk for Treason, yet censure for Khalid Muhammad for Calling a foreign nation out for speaking vomit contributing to the robbing of peoples like a deacon sneaking 100s out the donation basket’s bottoms. Bottom of the heap, top of the food chain, Ussay wasn’t crazier than a General who lit civilians in Tokyo a-flame. Collateral damage. All part of the planning, just tell them savages to “Pray for Reign.”

Let’s roll!! Clips loaded with higher interest rates, “Let ’em have it!” compounding the problem using double-legerdemain magic –

Many deep in fleets, we flow out hard, proclaim, Lands (re) dis-covered, in the name of Our Gods. Return material to the lands of Our mothers. The Taxes are Their physical bonds and scars, as worn out hands open the cupboards which be-speckle a ramshackle barge. Hand written charters secure Our Debt, investments in death with term limits to be fulfilled at our behest. Then we’ll market the Market to the masses using inverted logic, imputed knowledge only is to be imparted to those who Witnessed the original Charter.

Economics, Roman Toga’s, and Laws of An Admiralty, miscegenate with Prussian school systems and Judeo-Christian ethics in a front alley just south of Death’s Valleys.  Effectively, unobtrusively, and yet steadily,  creating municipal bonds backed by hewed men’s bodies. Interest in the rates of our payments vacillate, depending on the population of Mind States. Some attempt e-scape, riding Alex Haley’s Comet eyes roving for Their Space. We imagine nations with our Dominion in them even into interstellar outer-space.

Externalities sequestered, collateral damage doesn’t follow Us Through Tenure, thereby allowing Us to profit, equitably, in perpetuity from Our Efforts tending the ledgers of the F’ers repetitive invectives embed themselves and shatter like properly prepared projectiles derived from gun vendors efforts. Electric. Circus. Leave your Brains at the coat check. Check. Check. Testing.

Let’s work. Network?

Literary wetwork projects place reality in bondage, modernity took legitimacy and absconded. Yet the Earth births and inters, prophets replaced by profits, your life’s net worth is calculated on the 1st  based on how much of it gets annexed into the collector’s coffers –

It’s Word World: All Materialists sit down, physical oppression is for the teeny boppers. This is VideoDrome from the year 200 thou, our subliminal messages got you thinking a sticker mentioning “Organic,” actually means you’re eating proper. Bing. Ring up the Sale. Power breeds power. Syndicate deals employ public servants to build private pleasure towers. Besieged the polis be, by bonds backed in blood sold by the Crown. In-deed this is still a Word’s World, kiddo, You ain’t know?

From the Citgo, They had Us gassed up Dancing in verbal séance rituals. Thinking about facts, then Stereo Type starts to hit you, Harappa birthed the Hindus, Operation “Shut down your Thought,” into peer reviewed purviews collated by crews not pertinent to the issues important to you.

Insurgents, Patriot Acts, and Neo NewSpeak! Freedom of Information Acts that spawn Manchurian Candidates upon Release? What is an Open Secret? Peep it?

No Minority Report, gahead and kill your neighbor while we Majority Extort. Watch regime change siphon the brain, into soundbite shorts then crop dust the thoughts, locking Imagination into fonts of CNN and 20/20, ABC, ESPN, RT, fuck bitches, get money, money, money, money, <sips sizzurp>, <chokes on oxytocin>, coughing, nose runny, millionaires run politics and private corporations print money, money, money –

Blood and money, blood money is real money, real money is backed by bodies bloodied in the unending tussle over money made by printers whose currency is Easter Bunny –



Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt.

The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

@Ludwig Wittgenstein

This section of the site will examine, ponder, and present brief etymologies, histories and uses of various words and phrases.


A simple way to delineate British English vs. colloquial American English is to notice the general reduction of diverse adjectives and so-called flowery speech. British English – still dripping with the fruits of the physical and scholarly hegemony established by its speakers – serves as the “voice of authority,” in most western visual mediums. Even when taken to animated features and sci-fi films set in the distant future the British accent remains as the standard for expressing intellect, class, and prime facie right to opine and rule. This practice stands as a testament to the power of words and cultural hegemonies. America, which stands astride world history and one of the nations most sure of its right of independence and its exceptionalism is the greatest offender in the use of British accents in its film media. It is also greatly complicit in the projection of this imagery via it’s vast television and film tentacles which encircle the globe. Therefore it can be an illuminating practice to analyze the etymological maturation of words and their use between the nations who share a “special relationship.”

Here in the U.S. the term, ‘nonplussed,’ is used to denote a feeling of being calm, or unbothered. However, the original meaning of the term is nearly the complete opposite. It is the one still accepted in most dictionaries and by English speakers across the world.


Wanting to keep this brief survey of the term’s usage as grounded as possible I began by performing a word search on my personal library. From an essay titled, “The living tradition,” Ahmadou Hamptaté Bâ, born in Senegal and educated by the British/EU system we see the term used thusly:

Another example comes from a book written by Maury Terry, The “Ultimate Evil,” which is about the Son of Sam case in New York in the 1980s: 

Then I performed a search for the term’s use by an Australian, another person connected to the British English fraternity but has spent time away from it, and found their usages to be in alignment with the dictionary and the British.


So with these three quick examples we can see anecdotal confirmation of the words different uses, based on geographic education. The person with a British educational background used the term to connote confusion or apprehension, “… after a long silence: ‘It was total knowledge’, and say no more.” The Australian used the term to describe outsiders to Australian politics who “might not understand the hybrid contours…” While the American used to to describe how unbothered Gilroy was about the information the attorney was sharing with him.

How did we get here?

Mark Liberman, a linguist, discussed this term’s transition on his blog the Language Log and posited that the word’s alteration came through confusion with other similar terms.

“The other words that mean something similar to the traditional sense of nonplussedperplexed, confounded, confused, addled, befuddled, bewildered, muddled, etc.—are generally un-negated, while there are quite a few words with a sense similar to the new meaning of nonplussed that include a negative element: impassive, unperturbed, nonchalant, unfazed.”

This particular term isn’t used that often in colloquial speech but all of the people I’ve personally discussed it with had been surprised at its etymology. And while it appears to have been used in the U.S. in this capacity for a few decades, its yet to be fully accepted as a new definition for the term. 

So for the time being be aware if you’re in London or Sydney and you want to express that you’re not concerned about something, you may be saying the opposite thing.

Even words being used by people speaking the same language can end up lost in translation.



Language Log: Nonplussed (2008)

The Grammarphobia Blog – Nonplussed about “nonplussed” (2015)




The Ret-conning of Retroactivity Continuity: Wolfhart Pannenberg meets the X-Men



Time is a flat circle…

Naturally, the contemporary mores of society take precedence over the original zeitgeist in which a word or idea was born. It is the contest between context and meaning that rages on through the living pages of history we write with our daily intellectual efforts. The constant supposed evolution of human thought produces a subconscious division between most thinkers: progressive vs. conservative. In this sense these words are divorced from their well known political connotations, while retaining the underlying premise. A progressive thinker in the history of ideas is looking to reframe and reanalyze words and ideas and if possible update them to the current zeitgeist. A conservative thinker is one who tends to funnel their thinking into ‘traditional,’ and or fundamentalist interpretations of words. Conservative’s concerning words will invariably slam headlong into the overarching arbiter and interloper into most thinking in the 20th and 21st century: post modernism.

In this piece I’m referring to post-modernism in a broad fashion as a collection of ideas which tend to disregard tradition, question long held assumptions, and place a lens of subjectivity lens over anything with meaning. This is something that any theologian in the “modern” era will come up against. That tension of ideas plays a part in the origin of the term which inspired this piece, retcon, which is short for Retroactive continuity:

Retroactive continuity, or retcon for short, is a literary device in which established facts in a fictional work are adjusted, ignored or contradicted by a subsequently published work which breaks continuity with the former.

Due in part to the oversampling of comic book influenced movies, television shows and the rise of video game culture, the term “retcon,” has come to wide spread public knowledge. I had been aware of the term before it became in vogue but it wasn’t until recently that I looked into where it came from. After searching through a paucity of dictionaries I found wiki to be more encompassing in their definitions. According to wikionary.org retcon’s etymology is:

“A blend of retroactive +‎ continuity. The term “retroactive continuity” was popularized by comics writer Roy Thomas, who was known for writing superhero comic books set decades in the past. A situation, in a soap opera or similar serial fiction, in which a new storyline explains or changes a previous event or attaches a new significance to it.”

The debut of the term is triangulated to some time during early to mid-1980s. Wikipedia entry:

“Retroactive continuity, or retcon for short, is a literary device in which established facts in a fictional work are adjusted, ignored or contradicted by a subsequently published work which breaks continuity with the former.”

The Wikipedia entry is more robust and does a better job of explaining the term closer to its colloquial meaning, especially the portion about breaking continuity. As those of us who watch or read properties where major retcons have taken place know all too well the timeline and many important events along it, are thrown out of position or their original meaning is altered. In the right hands it can be a powerful literary device to employ yet in practice it is often used force some commercial or technical agenda change unto the storyline.

Character arcs can be destroyed or refashioned and sometimes the whole thematic underpinning of an identity can be altered. (Han Solo shot first, as he should have, Han was a pirate).

Changing a portion of a character’s back story takes place in ‘realtime,’ as in when you’re reading or watching the material, yet the effects of the changed need to be re-thought, start to re-finish, in order to realize the true dynamics that had been altered. This will take place in your future, as in after you’ve read the piece or learned of the retcon’s existence. This effect can be seen as a re-unfolding of history, a recycled chronology with edits. In those types of moments is where we experience a retcon in its current colloquial usage.

Digging deeper we uncover where the term literally comes from. In the etymology section of the article we have this:

“The first published use of the phrase “retroactive continuity” is found in theologian E. Frank Tupper’s 1973 book The Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg.” Pannenberg’s conception of retroactive continuity ultimately means that history flows fundamentally from the future into the past, that the future is not basically a product of the past.”

The term “retroactive continuity” originally draws its meaning from a theological context and was used to describe the ideas of one Wolfhart Panneberg. I conducted a brief and admittedly shallow survey of the work and life of Pannenberg. He was a  German theologian who made an interesting contribution to the field through his vision of the history of the world as a form of revelation centered in space-time on the Resurrection of Christ. In this time-space of Pannenberg’s the the ‘end of the world,’ (the death of Christ) has already taken place and the (future) history of man is a revelation from God leading us back to the point of ending (the past). It may sound like a circle but his presentation of the idea is that of a “backwards revelation.”

Pannenberg sought to use science, history and various forms of dialectic to present a theological model that intersected with the modern world’s criteria for academic discourse. He was greatly influenced by Hegel and was a student of accomplished Swiss theologian Karl Barth. Pannenberg endeavored to show, “… history that demonstrates the deity of God is broadened to include the totality of all events,” by expounding upon a his theories in rounds of debates with scholars of various disciplines. In a paper entitled, “THE ORIGINS AND LIMITATIONS OF PANNENBERG’S ESCHATOLOGY, ” by David Zehnder, the author states:

“Pannenberg always evinced a Hegelian restlessness toward finding absolute truth because he thought that Christianity would too easily become obsolete without this character. While Hegel founded this truth-as-history motif that would later influence Karl Marx, Wilhelm Dilthey, Martin Heidegger, and Hans Georg Gadamer, his approach’s own faults set up his followers’ failures (Marx especially) because Hegel never understood his own philosophy in terms of history’s true whole.”

This drive in Pannenberg undoubtedly had come at the efficacy of post modernist thought in watering down people’s ‘traditional’ religious convictions and the worlds of art and science had been beating that same drum for centuries at this point. Pannenberg therefore sought to engage this new mode of thinking on its terms:

“Contemporary theology, Pannenberg contended, must be debatable in a public forum and therefore must concern history as an objectively accessible arena of inquiry.”


“Pannenberg was thinking of the reconciliation of the world to God as the whole meaning of history. The knowledge of this future is Jesus’ resurrection from the dead: “the coming of the end of time has broken through all conceptions of the promise of God; indeed, in the event of the resurrection it has broken through everything we can conceive of.” Because Jesus manifests the end of history proleptically, provisional judgments about God’s work in time and human knowledge of him are possible.”

Not surprisingly his ideas did change over the course of his life but his goal of expressing his deeply held religious conviction in a way that could be digested and accepted at the academic level as “factual,” is a fascinating turn due largely to the ethos of post-modernist thought. He was attempting to shore up tradition via the use of the tools that were largely being used to dismantle it. Contrasting research on the New Testament’s physical realities and the wars of mankind he altered some of his premises to better encompass the heart of his ideas. Once again from Zehnder:

Pannenberg’s attempt to uphold traditional Christian claims against competing gods and worldviews is, for all of its subtlety of presentation, audacious. But he sees universality as constitutive of theology itself and cannot imagine talk of God—the creator and source of all life—without these absolute claims.

The end of history in Pannenberg’s theology was the death and resurrection of the Christ, which makes it the “beginning” and yet out distant past. An excerpt from a 1974 essay by one Richard Lischer does a succinct job of explaining the idea:

“For Pannenberg, resurrection does not represent a miraculous interruption of nature and history. Only those for whom history is blandly homogenized will say that because resurrections do not happen now, the resurrection of Jesus was a miracle or an intersubjective experience, or else a hoax. Pannenberg rejects all three alternatives. He prefers to call Jesus’ resurrection a unique historical event which, investigated by the usual historical methods, must be accepted like any other event of history: reason sees the fact. Faith, in Pannenberg’s use, awaits the future. Resurrection makes history in the sense that it establishes a goal and an overall meaning for everything that happens. And it answers man’s universal longing for life after death.”


There are no conclusions to be made from this piece as it was an largely an exercise in figuring out where a term came from. As usual when one digs into etymology and the genealogy of ideas they unearth contradictory discoveries. The term we use today to signify events being altered in some fictional realm and affecting the future continuity is ‘retcon,’ which derives from ‘retroactive continuity’, a term coined to describe a theory which implies history runs in reverse from future to past while proving itself to be real and a measure of proof that a celestial God exists guiding history. Man argues over what is natural, what is true, or what is right. Various tools, man made and otherwise are used to attempt to win this argument. Time and time again the tools overlap and become one, only to be broken a-part, examined, and re-assembled in a new fashion. Time is a flat circle. See you on the flip side.




For more on Pannenberg’s ideas you can check any of the following:

Pannenberg: A Post-Enlightenment Theologian PETERJ.A.CooK.




The Strange Legacy of Theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg


Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Systematic Theology (vol. 1)


Wolfhart Pannenberg on Theopedia


Resurrection and Spirit: Pannenberg’s Method in Two Doctrines by Timothy Harvie St. Mary’s University College





Wolfhart Pannenberg (2 October 1928 – 4 September 2014)



Sparked by the recent revelations concerning Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Epstein I began to reflect on how often criminally deviant sexual abuse is perpetrated by elites, covered up by the media, and if ever revealed to the public they are usually done so long after the fact with overwhelming spin. This post arose from an impromptu Twitter thread and therefore it will it won’t take the form of a normal essay. Interspersed between my (expanded) tweets on the topic will be images and links to support my assertions concerning widespread and ongoing sexual blackmail of politicians and numerous accounts of sexual abuse, pedophilia, and child/human trafficking in which many elites seem to be involved in.

People might want to read up on the history of using sexually deviant blackmail as a political tactic. The history is long and sordid. Jeffery Epstein has an private island in the USVI, is a convicted sex offender, has paid off people who sued him and is affiliated with almost every president in the past 20 years. Speculation about Epsteins connections and greater purpose take place outside of MSM outlets and include theories on whether or not he’s an agent for some Intel agency who provides victims to high ranking politicians and the power elite in order to have material for future blackmail opportunities.

Epstein’s net stretches across the pond and has caught Prince Andrew and many other a luminary in it’s clutches.

Sexual blackmail, billionaires, and intel agencies, it all sounds far fetched you say?

II. Spooks, Sex, and Sleazy Satraps

Operation Midnight Climax was a program run by the CIA was used to investigate the effects of LSD on unsuspecting johns and to cultivate blackmail options.

Revealed: MI5 blackmailed child sex abusers

Westminster child abuse scandal: KGB and CIA kept secret dossiers on Britain’s VIP pedophiles

Exclusive: High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge – Unreported – Part of Mass Surveillance

The Franklin Scandal in Omaha, Nebraska officially spanned from 1988 – 1991 and was a child prostitution ring that catered both to citizens of Nebraska and notably many high ranking U.S. politicians. It was said the perpetrators were “a cult of devil worshipers involved in the mutilation, sacrifice and cannibalism of numerous children.

A newspaper clipping from the time:

The scandal broke and mayhem ensued as many high ranking political officials were implicated. A documentary produced about the event was shelved by the Discovery Channel at the time but is available here.

Former republican Senator John Decamp was involved in the production a documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” it was to air May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired.

Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved. You can purchase a VHS copy at this link. Or you can view an online copy at this page.


 Lawerence King was the public face of the scandal. Responsible for setting up meetings between the deviants and their victims he was a shining light in the GOP and sang the national anthem at Republican events for years.

III. The United Kingdom of Dirty SOB’s and MP’s

If you’re a person who likes to see things for yourself take a look.

At least 40 UK politicians complicit in alleged Westminster ‘pedophile ring’ – report

MONSTERS — How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring

The Westminster child abuse ‘coverup’: how much did MPs know?

IV. The United Nations and dereliction of dignity


U.N. Child Abuse Scandal Is Latest In History Of Sex Crimes Committed By Officials, Peacekeepers

FBI: ‘Epidemic’ levels of pedophilia, child sex trafficking

Report reveals shame of UN peacekeepers — Sexual abuse by soldiers ‘must be punished’

V. The U.N., the Clintons, and the meta-physical rape and pillage of Haiti

The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Covered It Up


Haiti Charges Americans With Child Abduction

VI. The USArmy, The Church of Set and What in the Faustian Fuck?

I’ll return to this post and update in the future but for now I’ll close it after this section.


A FLURRY OF MEETINGS AT THE PRESIDIO followed the revelation that the Tobin boy had been abused. But for all the activity, the Army seemed in no hurry to proceed with the case. It took the Army 12 days to form a strategy group. And it took the Army almost a month to notify the parents of other children who had been in “Mr. Gary’s” class that the incident had taken place, that their children might be at risk. Nearly a year would pass before more than 59 other victims children between the ages of 3 and 7 had been identified. And allegations would be made by parents that several more children were molested even after the investigation had begun.

Day care centers under state jurisdiction are routinely closed when an abuse incident is confirmed, but the Presidio center stayed open for more than a year after the Tobin boy said “Mr. Gary” had hurt him.

A strategy meeting on Dec. 10 set the tone for the case. The meeting was attended by all the brass from the Presidio, representatives of the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office and staff from the Child Adolescent Sexual Abuse Referral Center. The CASARC workers told the Army to expect multiple victims, so many that CASARC could not offer its help. But the Army “didn’t want to believe that,” says one CASARC worker who attended the meeting.

Five days later, on Dec. 15, letters were mailed to 242 parents whose children were in Hambright’s classes. “The Commander of the Presidio of San Francisco, has been apprised of a single incident of alleged child sexual abuse reported to have occurred at the Presidio Child Development Center…….

“We have no reason to believe that other children have been victimized.” Many parents who received the letter took the Army at its word. Many of them didn’t learn until the following April, after the Tobins and other parents forced the Army to send out another letter, that their children had been victims.

Other parents found out right away. The children had begun to talk. And they kept talking. That was the problem. They kept saying things that no one, especially not the Army, wanted to hear. They kept mentioning other people besides “Mr. Gary,” other locations besides the day care center. Among the allegations:

  • Some of the children said they were taken from the day care center to private homes on the Presidio where they were sexually abused. Two houses were singled out on the Army post and at least one home off-post, in San Francisco.
  • One girl said she played “poopoo baseball” at the home of one of her female teachers. The girl said the game involved throwing feces at the teacher.
  • Other children talked about playing the”googoo game” with “Mr. Gary”. It involved Hambright having the children urinate and defecate on him. Then he would do the same to them. Sometimes, the children said, they were forced to drink urine and eat feces. Some said they had blood smeared on their bodies.
  • Some children said they had guns pointed at them. Others said they were told they or their parents would be killed if they told what happened.
  • One 3-year-old boy said he was sexually abused on his first visit to the center. That day was also his birthday.
  • A 3-year-old girl said “Mr. Gary” used special pens, black, blue, pink and red — to doodle on her, starting at her legs and moving up over her genitals. The same child said she saw one of her friends at the center cry when “Mr. Gary’s” friend, a woman, pointed a gun at the friend.
  • There were five confirmed cases of Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease, including two of the four daughters of one family.
  • A preliminary test of one boy for AIDS came back positive. Further tests revealed that a he did not have the disease, but fear of AIDS tormented parents for months.
Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set, Sammy Davis Jr, and Anton Lavey known Satanist

From the same article above:

The investigators drove her to Leavenworth Street in San Francisco. The girl was asked to identify any of the houses that she had been to before. While walking past 2430 Leavenworth, the girl identified the house as the one where she met “Mikey” and “Shamby.”

The investigators drove her to Leavenworth Street in San Francisco. The girl was asked to identify any of the houses that she had been to before. While walking past 2430 Leavenworth, the girl identified the house as the one where she met “Mikey” and “Shamby.” It was the Aquino’s’ house.

A search warrant was served on the Aquino home on Aug. 14. In attendance were agents from the FBI and the San Francisco Police. Because the abuse allegedly occurred on city property, it was to be a city case.

Among the items seized were video tapes, cassette tapes, notebooks with names and addresses, two photo albums one paper plate and two plastic gloves from the kitchen garbage, four plastic cases of negatives and 29 photos of costumes and masks. With his widow’s peak and arching eyebrows, Lt Col. Michael Aquino looks more like a pudgy Dracula than a high ranking Army officer with top security clearance. He is the founder and high priest of a satanic church, the Temple of Set. His wife, Lilith, a gaunt woman with long, dark hair, is a priestess in the temple’s Order of the Vampyre. The couple refer to the search as a “raid” and have branded the investigation a witch hunt.

“The Army has known about my religion for the last 18 years and has no problem,” Aquino told me in a telephone interview late last year. “Not one single person in the US. Army, with the exception of the chaplain, would have the remotest notion that I would be involved in anything like this.”

A search warrant was served on the Aquino home on Aug. 14. In attendance were agents from the FBI and the San Francisco Police. Because the abuse allegedly occurred on city property, it was to be a city case.

Among the items seized were video tapes, cassette tapes, notebooks with names and addresses, two photo albums one paper plate and two plastic gloves from the kitchen garbage, four plastic cases of negatives and 29 photos of costumes and masks. With his widow’s peak and arching eyebrows, Lt Col. Michael Aquino looks more like a pudgy Dracula than a high ranking Army officer with top security clearance. He is the founder and high priest of a satanic church, the Temple of Set. His wife, Lilith, a gaunt woman with long, dark hair, is a priestess in the temple’s Order of the Vampyre. The couple refer to the search as a “raid” and have branded the investigation a witch hunt.

“The Army has known about my religion for the last 18 years and has no problem,” Aquino told me in a telephone interview late last year. “Not one single person in the US. Army, with the exception of the chaplain, would have the remotest notion that I would be involved in anything like this.”

FBI Investigates Presidio Child Molestation Report — August 11, 1987

The 1986-1987 Presidio “Satanic Ritual Abuse” Events


Don’t be shocked this stuff is real. Don’t fear bringing these issues up or talking about them. It’s no conspiracy. People’s lives and the lives and health of their loved ones are at stake to a leviathan in the room. Bomb on anyone who is still shocked. Share stories on these atrocities. Part of this grand charade we’re all a part of is the coverup of these stories by the MSM and all other manner of agent working on behalf of the Power Elite.  These folks not only rob the public but literally/psychological attempt to consume us as well. Many of them are Ghouls of the highest order. Ignore Corey Feldman and McCauley and Elijah Wood all you want. But they told you. How does anyone who’s a DEM say anything about this stuff when Slick Dick Willy remains a party elder? Hollywood, Intelligence and the State are also all in the same gang now. The sickness is wide spread.

The media largely silent. Don’t you be.






"According to the ancients, an author has two responsibilities: to entertain and to instruct. Here, instruction is in the subtext."