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“Shadow Boxing Capoeira on the deck of a Ship named Jesus”

Poesy ponders on ashen feet, through morphemes it streak, under helms, eye-sights a conical shell –

Through inner vision see outside of prisms and prisons to envision realities in other worlds, living –

Snakes slink S-style, we move “L” grounds with Square Crowns, Palm and Fist, same elements as a star nucleus –

Loose lips don’t sink ships, bombs do –
a psychological bomb in my body was removed by a noose –
floating up oddly, it was a sign to the tribe –
A prototype of nesta marley, dreads protect all of my sides –
Shadow boxing capoeira on the deck of a ship named “Jesus” –
Some immediately catapulted over the side suicide to survive –
Escaped from a nadir with clear vision like a zenith –
Jumping ship, skipping over the moorings –
Watch a Moor jump a ship instead of steadying it –
Overseers mourning over what they’ve seen in the morning –
The shaman was always important deciphering the tea leaves under balsa trees,
He calculated the angles one has to grow, in order to leave,
the canopy of hegemony, and morals unseemingly –
swimming straight down into the atlantic scenery –
freedom is a free dome –
No d’evil was ever able to be fear in the ear of He –

W(e) only listen to trees …



“Waterskiing barefoot, all through Finnegans Wake”

a body built of letters; and inner core that is an abode of alliteration
Fate, is merely a scene I create with my Papermate  –

E-motions cascade across the medulla’s space, bathing the 3rd Eye in an Ocean …
So I depart, on time, never late, Waterskiing barefoot, all through Finnegans Wake –

make james joyce turn over in his literary haze,

as former slaves rejoice –
creation of a tanned Ulysses with fresh J’s on his Achilles, he rises from a watery grave –
A Science of Life initiate
A branch Dravidian with this Indus Valley spit
Undecipherable lyrics
Yoda smoking a spliff with Jesse Jackson
Trying to come up with a trick
To understand how from a glyph found in a cliff I re-iterated the entire canon contained in the  Indus Valley Script and I wasn’t even born yet!?!

A Comet sliding through the comments, eviscerate hate into sections –
Here to signify the Victory of Sozen the Fire God –
Fire god I spit hard
The Last Word Bender
Who bends Air into Words that I use to smash any contenders
Here 2 n-light-n
With the element of Education through Elucidation –
I taught myself Kanji,
Tu no comprende? no one on the Island could guard He
My wordplay is brighter than a Sunday
Sin una sensei
Mis palabras son other authors
Like they were sin Papas –

Envision a Canvas, brotha
I speak pictures similar to Francis Coppola –
But mine are more Gods more Fathers
More Suns, never us Thugs
Uplift my Brothers, because the Others don’t Bother, with Us
Dark Blocks
Fiends for the light, out at night,

Cuz Hope’s Candlelight was Blown Out –
Stressed Out, arms stretched out and I increase my Klout
Insight for the hidden reasonings behind Life
They can’t hate me out of my copyrights . . .


(re)IMAGINED #735: Mystery_a



Lot had the lot locked tight,

We siphoned in,

On new Moonlight –

Through Aether,

Even if you did see us,

Would you believe Us?

Revolving features

Face down, may you meet Us,

Just had 2 flame a city,

Showed no Pity –

I’m the scribing one, Gab flaps at the back,

Sad Mike torched the set,

No remorse, no regret –

Heaven sent,


Squeezed off some hailing comets

The stuff of holy prophets,

Sun, I’m talkin’ Brimstone rockets!




Then OUT!

With a Swoosh,

Over future day Beirut –

Broke day as we Moved,

Danced with the Night, inner Grove,

Bounced off her light,

As she Swooned –

Then a


Dawn stunned the Mob,

Yet we saw no Rest in him,

Heathens leapt up,

And met God in him,

Placing them, in Heaven’s bounds,

Thorny crowns,

Adorn the mounds of minions sent silly,

No body departs the Earth,

Living –


Title Wise:


Protect bounds above and

below ,


You all just portray Men,

We pre/date them,

Our position,

Is our Mission,

Another Knight in the Life,

Of Bending diction…

(re)IMAGINED #735: Mystery

(re)IMAGINED series


I primarily see myself as an Orator and having spent time in the pre-Blackberry trenches of freestyle battle rapping my main forte is performance poetry. The (re)Imagined series is mainly a personal writing exercise as my performance pieces take varied forms. First things first as Jay-Z says, “I’m not a rapper dawg!,” and I give full respect to those who do this professional. What I do is lay bars on top of the cadence of the rapper’s voice (not necessarily the beat) and intertwine references to the original song with whatever theme I’m on. As to be expected I’ll take advantage of this medium and intertwine images. Thanks for any time spent partaking in these offerings.


(re)IMAGINED #735: Mystery

Inner Diction sans a compass can encompass a morass for the Ignorant to listen. Universally ignite heat then lightly surf soundscapes for the friction. Some may have read of us thumbing pages under windows hazy. Minstrel versions parading, others sharing painted faces. Flip. Must. Gregarious, gerund walking, Jet-li’s. Creating Higher flames like Dante rollin’ j’s in Hades hating on Virgil’s lack of backbone in the clutch. King James’ shaky hands, rewrite scrolls in Igbo transliteration assisted by un Taino. Then. Go.

Suns start raining: Some’ll say the rays Are too radiant. Change gestating, neo-natal nation making. Darts: Flaming.

On hand.

Destiny cuts her side glance, right away, at Fat’s Chance. Dudley Deux To(o) His Center-Write, Incomparable. Puns rest in Solar Plex, comments coffin codes.‘Montezuma’ in bars, Sirius like 2 far away stars. Proceeded to offering transplanted Island prose, on Ivory Tower’s Marbled floors –

Excellence is my Preference,

Neter tense,

Never dumb as sh!t,

Standard bearing solar Lunatic scholarship Long Since Any f*cking

Oar or Slave Ship or Morpheus masked wearing agent in the Matrix…

At midKnight,

My genies black out lights –

I channel suns: Ben-

Jochannan, Carter Woodson, Robeson –

Fractions In actions, Can Pack a thrust. Cowards quick to duck if a matter Must. In this World, one Must To their Shadow Clutch. Now, 2 Moons float, One globe, U-n-I can both Grow. But now it seems the cracks show I w®ap poems in hidden scripts, dey spider bots can’t decipher it –

Oops, can’t get cocky holmes, NSA been tappin’ phones. Dey in the Danger Zone whose Archer(s) Guard the Thrones?

Wave ya hands, and Say it like Wii.

We vs. EUphrates!

Camera angles cascading, Masquerading. WE Graphic,

Tryin’ to flip scripts, like George Luke did,

Turning a Sith Lord, into a whiny simp.

See me, frequently, Resident overlord of meandering Metaphor,

Truly Yours,