<Verbal Currency: Worthless>


Extra! Extra! Scroll all about it!! It’s a Word’s World, for whatever it is worth, read it quick, this chatroom is getting crowded. Remove your Shroud, use your eyelids to kick the dirt from <affront> your oculus and ponder this, the Revolution does get televised if the script is booming, and the Apocalypse gets top billing on PrimeTime because sympathy pleas and other people dying always moves units. So reglue to this, the new news is anachronistic by its very instance existing in a cyber space made of words working with reality to concoct a fiction. Listen:

Civil Protests, Allowed.

Civil Unrest: all causes, shunned then Dis-A-vowed –

Armed Pogroms for reasons perpetuated by hooded legions? Allowed.

Some walk for Treason, yet censure for Khalid Muhammad for Calling a foreign nation out for speaking vomit contributing to the robbing of peoples like a deacon sneaking 100s out the donation basket’s bottoms. Bottom of the heap, top of the food chain, Ussay wasn’t crazier than a General who lit civilians in Tokyo a-flame. Collateral damage. All part of the planning, just tell them savages to “Pray for Reign.”

Let’s roll!! Clips loaded with higher interest rates, “Let ’em have it!” compounding the problem using double-legerdemain magic –

Many deep in fleets, we flow out hard, proclaim, Lands (re) dis-covered, in the name of Our Gods. Return material to the lands of Our mothers. The Taxes are Their physical bonds and scars, as worn out hands open the cupboards which be-speckle a ramshackle barge. Hand written charters secure Our Debt, investments in death with term limits to be fulfilled at our behest. Then we’ll market the Market to the masses using inverted logic, imputed knowledge only is to be imparted to those who Witnessed the original Charter.

Economics, Roman Toga’s, and Laws of An Admiralty, miscegenate with Prussian school systems and Judeo-Christian ethics in a front alley just south of Death’s Valleys.  Effectively, unobtrusively, and yet steadily,  creating municipal bonds backed by hewed men’s bodies. Interest in the rates of our payments vacillate, depending on the population of Mind States. Some attempt e-scape, riding Alex Haley’s Comet eyes roving for Their Space. We imagine nations with our Dominion in them even into interstellar outer-space.

Externalities sequestered, collateral damage doesn’t follow Us Through Tenure, thereby allowing Us to profit, equitably, in perpetuity from Our Efforts tending the ledgers of the F’ers repetitive invectives embed themselves and shatter like properly prepared projectiles derived from gun vendors efforts. Electric. Circus. Leave your Brains at the coat check. Check. Check. Testing.

Let’s work. Network?

Literary wetwork projects place reality in bondage, modernity took legitimacy and absconded. Yet the Earth births and inters, prophets replaced by profits, your life’s net worth is calculated on the 1st  based on how much of it gets annexed into the collector’s coffers –

It’s Word World: All Materialists sit down, physical oppression is for the teeny boppers. This is VideoDrome from the year 200 thou, our subliminal messages got you thinking a sticker mentioning “Organic,” actually means you’re eating proper. Bing. Ring up the Sale. Power breeds power. Syndicate deals employ public servants to build private pleasure towers. Besieged the polis be, by bonds backed in blood sold by the Crown. In-deed this is still a Word’s World, kiddo, You ain’t know?

From the Citgo, They had Us gassed up Dancing in verbal séance rituals. Thinking about facts, then Stereo Type starts to hit you, Harappa birthed the Hindus, Operation “Shut down your Thought,” into peer reviewed purviews collated by crews not pertinent to the issues important to you.

Insurgents, Patriot Acts, and Neo NewSpeak! Freedom of Information Acts that spawn Manchurian Candidates upon Release? What is an Open Secret? Peep it?

No Minority Report, gahead and kill your neighbor while we Majority Extort. Watch regime change siphon the brain, into soundbite shorts then crop dust the thoughts, locking Imagination into fonts of CNN and 20/20, ABC, ESPN, RT, fuck bitches, get money, money, money, money, <sips sizzurp>, <chokes on oxytocin>, coughing, nose runny, millionaires run politics and private corporations print money, money, money –

Blood and money, blood money is real money, real money is backed by bodies bloodied in the unending tussle over money made by printers whose currency is Easter Bunny –

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